The Thought of Retiring can be Overwhelming

If you don't have a plan ...

Transitioning from a busy work life to retirement can lead to concerns about social isolation and a loss of purpose

You worry about financial security and about having enough money to maintain a comfortable lifestyle throughout retirement

Health and the potential for developing chronic conditions or age-related illnesses may also be playing on your mind

And that leads to feeling constantly worried about the future.
We don't want that for the people you value.
Our one-day workshop can help prepare your people for retirement.

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The Retire One Day Workshop will help your team....


Learn more about retirement

We will break down any preconceived notions your people may have about retirement. Our goal is to guide them towards fulfilling and enriching choices for their future.


Consider the next chapters

Your people will delve into retirement, exploring how it could influence not only them but also those closest to them, addressing a wide range of topics to provide valuable insights and guidance.


Share thoughts and ideas

Your people will be encouraged to share thoughts and ideas and learn together. We will guide and encourage your people to talk about long-life mindset, nutrition, health, exercise and more.


Consider their finances

Your people will receive expert guidance and support as they navigate financial planning for retirement. They will gain valuable knowledge and practical strategies to achieve financial security and a fulfilling future.


Create a retirement plan

Everyone will leave the workshop with their own personalised retirement plan. This valuable resource can be referred to and used time and time again.

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Have questions? Schedule a call to speak with a member of our team.

Helping employers support their people for retirement

  • Thank you for coming back today for a second module. I've found you giving us the booklets of written material very helpful to reflect back on after sessions. Your calm demeanor has helped me relax into the sessions when personally I started off anxious.

    Participant, 2023
  • I found the content but also the way you delivered it……top class! It felt to me like the perfect blend of listening, working in groups, thinking, and working on your own! The experience has certainly made me feel a more rounded individual both at work and at home.

    National Account Manager, 2023
  • The positive and interesting aspect is he's seeing a completely different perspective of himself and is applying his learning into his role and the mentoring he is doing with the team

    Participant Line Manager, 2023
  • Throughout the whole pre-planning, delivery and post review, Dyfrig delivered an outstanding program which has really made a difference to a large number of colleagues. He really listened to our needs and delivered on them, but as well as that he is a pleasure to engage and work with.

    Vice President, 2022
  • Thanks so much for the session yesterday, super interesting.

    Head of Culture, People and Talent 2022
  • Great to see the team openly discussing where we can learn to be better together, understand what leadership styles we have and lean on each other for support to achieve our goals.

    Director of Property Maintenance, 2022
  • Great event - thanks for taking my call and responding to the challenge.

    Transformation Director, 2022

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